Girls In Action - GIA Girls Spa Day
Girls In Action - "All Kids Are Our Kids"
GIAgirls Princess DIVA Spa Day
Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 3PM
GIAgirls were pampered with real spa services specifically designed for girls their age. They were taught healthful benefits of a spa experience. They were trained by Skin Care Specialist Ms. Fran Strong how to cleanse their face. The smile on their faces while receiving spa service was priceless. They really enjoyed their day. The girls were able to relax  and listen to soothing sounds while drinking sparkling cider in the restoration room with cumcumbers on their eyes being refreshed and rejuvenated. Our licensed experts made our GIAgirls feel SUPERFANTISTIC. 
DC Police Chief Lanier and Deputy Mayor Quander made a special appearance at GIA Spa Day. The GIAgirls were excited to meet the Police Chief who asked them what programs they would like to experience in their community to keep them safe and empowered during the year.
Girls In Action would like to give special THANKS to the Sursum Corda Community for allowing GIA to use their Youth Center. We also would like to thank Bennett Career Institute( for allowing their students and teacher to volunteer their service. A special thanks also goes to Ms. Fran Strong, Skin Care Specialist and Ms. Charlene Green, a licensed Hair/MakeUp/Nail Artist. Spa Day would not have been possible without these wonderful people, our volunteers and donors. We appreciate you!
Fran Strong is an independent health and wellness consultant who brings over 25 years Experience when sharing the importance of healthy personal care tips to audiences. She shares years of knowledge teaching Skin Care 101 and Sea Source Spa workshops. Learn what not to put on your skin and what is safe for your skin. As a former educator who holds a Masters in Education she encourages women to become knowledgeable while sharing thoughtful wisdom and insight. To contact Ms. Strong about her services, please send her an email at:
Supplies for Favor BagGIA Spa Day - 5/21/11GIA Spa Day - 5/21/11GIA Spa Day - 5/21/11
GIA Spa Day - 5/21/11
GIA Spa Day - 5/21/11